• 2014 Retrospective

    2014 was a year. As of this writing, it has mostly happened. It is 99.7% complete.

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  • I'm a Mac

    I'm an engineering student and I use a Mac. This makes me a bit unusual among engineering students. It is fairly uncommon for engineering students to use Macs, because very little engineering software is made for the Mac.

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  • Appearance: Better Know a Jackal

    I was a guest on Better Know a Jackal Episode 25, during which I spoke about myself, EcoCAR, hybrid vehicles, and what podcasts keep me entertained.

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  • What to Expect

    So, what you should expect from this blog?

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  • Peeling Off the Plastic

    Howdy, and welcome to my new blog.

    I’ve put this one together using Jekyll. That means this blog is a bunch of static pages that were dynamically generated ahead of time. It’s pretty cool.

    Why did I bother? Why wasn’t Squarespace good enough?

    I bothered because I have been interested in Jekyll for some time and I wanted to prove to myself that I could put a Jekyll site together. And I have. I’ve even edited the Sass a bit. That’s pretty cool too.

    I’m using Atom on the Mac to write the whole thing. There’s several Jekyll related packages, like markdown-writer, that make composing posts quite easy. Atom also supports the full range of syntax highlighting for all the different types of files Jekyll requires.

    The thing is running on a DigitalOcean droplet, the smallest available. Ubuntu 14.04 and Nginx are handling the server stuff. Jekyll and Git are installed on the droplet so that I can just git push new posts from my MacBook Pro and watch the magic happen without having to deal with SFTP or whatever.

    I think it’s pretty neat.

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